Wholesale round tea plate solid wood Japanese tray Creative hotel wooden plate fruit tray restaurant


Weight(Includes packaging):0.6
Color:Diameter21cmDisc tea color/Diameter24cmDisc tea color/Diameter27cmDisc tea color/Diameter30cmDisc tea color/Diameter33cmDisc tea color/Diameter37.5cmDisc tea color/Diameter21cmThe disc is black/Diameter24cmThe disc is black/Diameter27cmThe disc is black/Diameter30cmThe disc is black/Diameter33cmThe disc is black/Diameter37.5cmThe disc is black/Diameter27cmRound tea cherry blossoms/Diameter21cmThe original wood color of the disc/Diameter24cmThe original wood color of the disc/Diameter27cmThe original wood color of the disc/Diameter30cmThe original wood color of the disc/Diameter33cmThe original wood color of the disc/Diameter37.5cmThe original wood color of the disc/Diameter37.5cmThe original wood color of the disc
Time to market:2013Autumn
Price segment:60-80Yuan
Major downstream platforms:Amazon/Quick sell/LAZADA/ebay/ebay
Whether process customization is supported:Is
Whether there is packaging:Is
Whether to import or not:Whether
Whether cross-border exports are dedicated sources of supply:Is
The no:tp107
Major sales areas:Southeast asia/Northeast Asia/Middle east/Europe/North america/South america/South america
How to make it:Semi-manual semi-mechanical
Packaging:Paper Packaging
The number of boxes:40

21cm diameter disc tea color
24cm diameter disc tea color
27cm diameter disc tea color
30cm diameter disc tea color
33cm diameter disc tea color
37.5cm diameter disc tea color
21cm diameter disc black
24cm diameter disc black
27cm diameter disc black
30cm diameter disc black
33cm diameter disc black
37.5cm diameter disc black
27cm round tea cherry blossoms in diameter
21cm diameter disc wood color
24cm diameter disc wood color
27cm diameter disc wood color
30cm diameter disc wood color
33cm diameter disc wood color
37.5cm diameter disc wood color









1.Avoid direct sunlight,To avoid causing product cracking and aging;


2.Avoid at high temperatures、Used in wet environments。


3.Do not scrape with hard objects,To avoid scratching the surface,Impact aesthetics;


4.When there is dust on the surface of the appliance,You can wipe it with a dry or semi-dry cloth,Do not immerse in water;


5.If the wood is stained,A small amount of water-soluble or oily cleaner can be wiped。


6.After the product has been in use for some time,Wood maintenance wax can be used for maintenance,Keep the appliance bright and tidy。


7.Cleaning and wiping can be replaced with edible vegetable oil without maintenance wax。




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Products are natural materials,There will be a slight color difference in itself,The color of each product、Textures and weights vary,Not a product quality issue,Please take the physical information received。

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg





21cm diameter disc tea color, 24cm diameter disc tea color, 27cm diameter disc tea color, 30cm diameter disc tea color, 33cm diameter disc tea color, 37.5cm diameter disc tea color, 21cm diameter disc black, 24cm diameter disc black, 27cm diameter disc black, 30cm diameter disc black, 33cm diameter disc black, 37.5cm diameter disc black, 27cm round tea cherry blossoms in diameter, 21cm diameter disc wood color, 24cm diameter disc wood color, 27cm diameter disc wood color, 30cm diameter disc wood color, 33cm diameter disc wood color, 37.5cm diameter disc wood color

Price segment

60-80 yuan

Time to market

Autumn 2013


Paper packaging

Whether process customization is supported


Major downstream platforms


Is there any packaging


Number of boxes




How to make it

Semi-manual semi-mechanical

Whether cross-border exports are dedicated sources of supply


Main sales areas

Southeast Asia/Northeast Asia/Middle East/Europe/North America/South America

Weight (including packaging)


Whether to import



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